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    <h1>Schools</h1><p>“They did a great job keeping the dancing going and the students never left the dance floor.” <strong>--Jan Fortson – Indian Springs School, Alabama</strong></p>

    If you’re planning a wedding, corporate event , Mitzvah, school event, or any kind of party in Alabama. JAMM is your source for DJ, Lighting, and Photo Booths.
    Let JAMM make your next event incredible!

    Why pick JAMM for your next School DJ or MC, Décor, Photo Booths , or even some other Fun Options?
    Here are what others had to say after using JAMM for their School Event!

    “Our students had the best time ever! I’ve never seen a dance that packed, and EVERYONE in the room was dancing and singing. It was amazing to watch them come alive to the music, and they were singing DJ praises as they walked in my classroom door this morning. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!”
    Candace Strickland, Spain Park High, Hoover, Alabama

    Click on the tabs below to find out more about our services. Call us at 205-856-5266, email us, or use the short form on this page to find out date availability, pricing, and how to get started.

    • DJ/MC

      “Our DJ was very professional. He paid attention to the vibe on the dance floor (or the lack of vibe at the beginning of the party). He made appropriate adjustments and brought people to the dance floor and more importantly kept them there. I think he restored faith in the DJ for a group so accustomed to live bands. Many of the guests thought he played a great variety of music for dancing. The energy was high throughout. Overall excellent job!” — Anand Iyer – UAB Medical School Charity Ball – Birmingham Museum of Art, Alabama

      • Professionalism Is What Sets Us Apart
        From the polished appearance of our equipment to our professional attire, the overall image is important to us!
      • Relieving Stress
        Your DJ will not only entertain but also act as a host, directing the entertainment activities, making any announcements!
      • Your Music, Your Way
        Thousands of songs from the familiar favorites to today’s hits are available. You can select songs that you want or even designate songs that you don’t!

      Online Planning Tools 
You have access to our online planning tools to help with music selection, timeline creations & special announcements

      “The DJ was great! I kept thinking the kids would slow down and get bored! But whenever you felt it might, he played a song to get them going! Thanks for letting us know! SOOOO glad we did the lights! Definitely made it more fun!!!” — Ya’ll are the best! Thanks! — Ila Worthen – Brookwood Forest Elementary, Mountain Brook, Alabama

      Find out how

      to have the best DJ/MC at your next school event…call JAMM at 205-856-5266, email, or use the short form on this page.

    • Décor

      • Confetti
        We can shoot an enormous amount of confetti onto your guests to create an amazing effect & add excitement to the celebration!
      • Ambient Uplighting
        Add a splash of color to your event using our wireless, battery operated Uplights that can create billions of colors for your event!
      • Abstract Projections
        You can change the look of a room by adding a pattern to a ceiling or even a wall.
      • Bubbles
        Add a bubble machine to make your party pop!
      • Café Lights
        Create the perfect atmosphere for your event with our customized Café String Lighting.
      • Chandelier
        Great Décor that adds lighting to your tent.
      • Cloud Dances
        Add this exciting element to your event. Imagine dancing as if you were in the clouds.
      • Custom Gobo or Name in Lights
        Put your school’s name or logo in lights! Allow us to use a focal wall or the dance floor as a projection screen to further personalize your event.
      • Dance Floor Lights
        Enhance your event with Dance Floor Lighting!
        Pair of LED Dance Floor Lighting. Blinks to the beat of the music.
      • Drapery
        We offer White, Red, Black, Ivory Sheer, & we can even order custom colored drapery specifically for your event.
      • Floor Decal or Monogram
        Add a digital vinyl print out to your dance floor. These are slip resistant, and can change the look of your event.
      • Intelligent Lights
        Transform your dance floor into a club type atmosphere with our dual Intelligent lighting combo.
      • Laser
        Create a custom laser show for your dance.
      • Pin Spot Lighting
        Our wireless battery-operated Pin Spots can be used to spot light anything you can think of. Usually used for centerpieces, food tables, and drink stations.
      • Snow
        Add a snow machine so you and your guests can enjoy a winter wonderland anywhere.

      Find out how

      to have the best DJ/MC at your next school event… call JAMM at 205-856-5266, email, or use the short form on this page.

    • Photo Booths

      “Thank you! Great Camera, I will definitely recommend having JAMM’s photo booth at my upcoming events!” –Annie Mouyal- Birmingham Museum of Art, Alabama

      JAMM will help your guests have a great time as they step out of their comfort zone and pose behind the camera. Fun props make it an evening they won’t forget. Your guests can print their pictures or share their photos through texting, email, and have an option to upload directly to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

      • Custom Backdrops

        Our photo booth package comes with a white backdrop, but for our clients that really want to make a statement in the photo booth we have custom colors, gold sequin, or Step & Repeat Backdrops available for your photo booth.
      • Favors and Folders

        Take the photo and then put them into customizable keepsakes like key chains, frames, magnets & VIP Passes. You may also choose from Black or White “slip-in” folders which can be customized with your logo or monogram.
      • Fun Props
        We bring everything from hats to sunglasses and everything in between to keep your guests entertained. Custom Props are also available and can be branded for your event.
      • Hashtag Printing

        Create a custom Hashtag for your event and have them instantly printed out at JAMM’s Photo Booth.
      • Red Carpet & Stanchions
        Make your guests feel special by providing a red carpet entrance into the venue or individual ballroom. You can also add rope and stanchions to add to that extra experience.
      • Social Sharing

        Allows guests to instantly upload their picture to email, text, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter wirelessly. Can be custom branded for any type of event.

      We offer all the latest features for your event: Animated Gifs, Morphing, Customized Green or Blue Screens, Social sharing (Facebook, Twitter, or even Instagram), Texting & Emailing, that’s just to name a few! Check out photoboothsalabama.com for additional photo booth ideas and features for your School Event!

      Find out how

      to have the best DJ/MC at your next school event… call JAMM at 205-856-5266, email, or use the short form on this page.

    • Fun Options

      “I thought JAMM did an excellent job! Very professional and easy to work with. Great music selection. Karaoke was a big hit. I would definitely hire you again and recommend you to others. Thanks!” –Charles Youngson, Birmingham, Alabama

      Looking for something different for your School Dance or Prom? Take a look at some of the cool options below for some incredible ideas.

      • DJ Bands
        Let each of your guests participant in the fun by them wearing a DJ band around their arm. The band will blink & pulsate to the music throughout the party!
      • Paint Party
        Add our Neon Paint to your event for a party unlike any other.
This package includes: a DJ, a complete high quality sound system, glow paint in different colors, our high quality black lights, dance floor lights, and our glow product disco sticks.
      • Foam Party
        Add some fun with an amazing DJ pumping out your favorite songs while everyone dances in a pit of festive foam!
      • Graffiti Wall
        The Digital Graffiti Wall is built to look and feel as close as possible to the real thing. Plus, it’s so intuitive to use, anyone can grab one of the digital spray cans and take a turn.
      • Karaoke
        Invite your guests up to sing their favorite songs!
      • Lip Sync Battle
        See who better lip-syncs songs of their choice in our Lip Sync Battle competition package. We will help you pull together this epic competition by providing everything from the DJ, mics, props, a/v services and leave the rest up to you.
      • LCD Screens & Projectors
        Show your custom slideshows and videos with JAMM’s LCD screens or large rear projection screens.
      • Motivators
        Our highly trained dancers will help you find your step on the dance floor and keep everyone involved!
      • Novelties
        JAMM has everything from LED sticks, glow products, inflatables, hats, glasses, and so much more for your event!
      • Silent Disco
        Every party member is given their own headphones and are able to take control of their own listening experience, switching between the two channels that the DJs transmit on and controlling their own volume!
      • Social Cast
        Choose a combination of hashtag and account sources on all the most popular social media sources to create a stream of relevant messages for your event or campaign.
      • Video Dance Party
        Whether its playing the newest music videos or projecting the people on the dance floor up onto our giant screens this is a dance party you won’t forget!
      • Video Mapping
        Transform your dance floor, walls, or even furniture with customized video projections.
      • Virtual Floor or Wall
        State of the art interactive floor or wall using projectors. Move your hands and feet to interact with a huge variety of games and abstracts.

      Find out how

      to have the best DJ/MC at your next school event… call JAMM at 205-856-5266, email, or use the short form on this page.

    For information about JAMM Providing entertainment for your, Wedding, Mitzvah, Photo Booth, or other fun event, fill this short form or call JAMM directly at 205.856.5266

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